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If you’re missing some or all of your teeth, dentures are a classic solution for restoring your smile. John Rezaei, DMD, provides his patients at Dana Niguel Dental with state-of-the-art dentures that improve the health and appearance of their smile. If you’re interested in learning more about dentures, schedule a visit to Dana Niguel Dental’s beautiful and modern clinic in Dana Point, California. You can book your visit by phone or by using the practice’s convenient online system.

Dentures Q & A

What are dentures?

Dentures are a removable oral appliance that Dr. Rezaei uses to replace multiple missing teeth in your mouth.

There are a few different types of dentures, but generally speaking, they’re made up of a gum-colored base that attaches to your mouth and holds a set of artificial teeth in place. The artificial teeth are typically made from porcelain or composite resin, both of which look very similar to natural tooth enamel.

Dentures have significantly improved in the past few years. Modern technology has made it possible to replace your teeth with dentures that look just like real teeth and feel very natural.

What are the benefits of dentures?

Replacing your teeth with dentures has a number of benefits, like: 

  • Enhance appearance
  • Improve your ability to speak
  • Make it easier for you to chew and properly digest food
  • Long-lasting
  • Boost your confidence and self esteem

Moreover, dentures give you your smile back. Your smile is an essential component of who you are and a vital tool for communicating with others. When you reclaim your smile with dentures, you improve not only your oral health but your overall quality of life as well.

What types of dentures do you offer?

Dr. Rezaei offers a few different types of dentures at Dana Niguel Dental, including:

Implant-supported dentures

Implant-supported dentures connect to your mouth with dental implants, which are tiny titanium posts that Dr. Rezaei surgically inserts into your jawbone. Using dental implants to secure your dentures has a number of advantages, including improved comfort and a decreased likelihood of bone loss. As a prosthodontist, Dr. Rezaei has an additional three years of post-dental school training in implant placement and can ensure that your implant-supported dentures are as comfortable and effective as possible.

Digital dentures

With digital dentures, Dr. Rezaei uses digital tools and computer technology to design and fabricate your dentures. Rather than having to take messy impressions, Dr. Rezaei uses a high-tech scanner to make a virtual model of your smile, which he then uses to build your dentures to fit perfectly and comfortably in your mouth. The digital dentures process significantly reduces both the number of visits you have to make to the office and the amount of time you have to spend in the dental chair.

Schedule a denture consultation with Dana Niguel Dental today by calling the office or using the online tool to book an appointment.